Effective Communication

This course will equip attendees with rapport building and persuasion skills to assist in everyday
business or private negotiations. In the session we will discuss how negotiating in hostage and
life-threatening crisis scenarios can be transferable to everyday situations.  

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Course Contents

Conversation Styles

Everyone has a ‘way’ of talking. Some for example will prefer to reflect before engaging and others will interrupt and often think out loud. It’s important to understand ‘how’ people like to be listened to and their style.

Creating and maintaining a dialogue

Learn how to establish the right atmosphere and convey the right attitude to ensure the continuance of a conversation. It’s not always what you say but how you say it. Attempting to win is seldom the best strategy.

Active listening, empathy and building rapport

The foundation stones of influencing. Explore the steps required in how to demonstrate empathy and build relationships. See how to earn the right to problem solve.

Persuasion skills

Listen to the art of persuasion and the skills that can help influence and change behaviour.

Dealing with emotions

How trauma impacts on the mind/body will be explained and various coping skills and strategies will be discussed.

Common mistakes

Using certain words, adopting the wrong tone, and displaying inappropriate behaviour can damage rapport. Being aware of these mistakes and the blocks to listening will help you avoid the traps.

Assertive behaviour

It's not all about listening and there are times when you may need to be authoritative. You will be introduced to an effective method that uses the skills of active listening.


Building trust takes time and requires a demonstration of your reliability. We will explore what can damage trust and how you can create it.


Conversations can be risky and have the potential to damage relationships. Having a strategy and conducting a risk assessment can inform your actions and anticipate the likely outcome.

Who is this course for?

Applicable to everyone, young or old, in private life or at work; this course fundamentally enables better and more effective communication, avoiding conflict and detrimental judgement, and maximising the chances of an equitable outcome.

Key beneficiaries include those involved in managing relationships, mediation or negotiation or holding leadership positions where difficult conversations and giving honest constructive feedback is a core function.

Corporate leaders benefit from a workforce that can better communicate and contribute, thus lessening internal conflict or potential disputes leading to legal challenge.

Key benefits

Delegates will be better equipped:

To risk assess, plan and hold challenging conversations
To recognise the difference between ‘sympathy’ and ‘empathy’ and use them effectively
To refrain from ‘problem solving’ too early, earning the right to influence through empathy, trust and rapport
To recognise the appropriate times to exercise influence and persuasion

Course delivery

This course is two hours in duration and is delivered online via an appropriate platform. There is full interaction between tutors and delegates. There is no limit to the number of attendees on line. Course content is tailored to the appropriate levels of delegates requirements and personal challenges. The course is highly interactive and feedback can be provided.

“Chris and Martin deliver their material with total professionalism backed by years of practical experience which just cannot be matched.
Thank you.”

Senior Global Consultant, 2020

"...the most robust course I have ever undertaken. It involved in depth distance learning, experiential learning, scenario-based learning...The instruction given by Martin and his colleague was exceptional."

Director, Angela Wilson Consultancy Ltd

“I have just come off a hostage negotiation scenario...Absolutely brilliant stuff that challenges you and really makes you think on your feet...First class skills that are transferable to business and personal relationships”.

Marketing Leader 2020