Training Courses

Our group training courses can be delivered in person or online via an appropriate platform. Our 'How to Become A World Class Communicator' online course can be booked at any time and completed at your own pace. In addition to our courses, we also provide bespoke training programmes to corporates or organisations. Please contact us for information.

Effective Communication

This communication skills course equips attendees with rapport building and persuasion skills to assist in everyday business or private negotiations. Learn how negotiation skills used in hostage and life-threatening crisis scenarios can be transferable to everyday and business situations.
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Group Course

Decision Making in a Crisis

Learn how to make effective decisions and be able to fully justify them. This course is aimed at those with responsibility and accountability for making key decisions at home or at work.
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Group Course

Awareness and Resilience

Learn how to assess, prepare and mitigate the risk of being a victim of crime. This course will help to psychologically prepare attendees for exposure to potentially hostile environments and provide them with strategies for surviving a traumatic event and its aftermath.
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Group course
Group Course

Family Liaison - Interactive

Master the art of family liaison in times of crisis with our immersive training course. Gain the skills to effectively support families during significant challenges. Through interactive role plays, you'll engage with real family members affected by a crisis, honing your abilities to connect, empathise and provide guidance.
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Group Course

Be A Police Negotiator

Test your conflict resolution and communication skills as a police hostage negotiator during a 'live' role play scenario of an armed police siege. Learn basic active listening skills and how to work as a team to resolve a stressful and challenging situation.
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Group Course

Leading Through a Crisis

An interactive scenario-led session to prepare those responsible for leading the response to a crisis incident, where there is a serious risk to people, assets information and reputation.
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Group Course

How to Become A World Class Communicator

A new online course for individuals delivered by Negotiation Global in partnership with Scott Walker Coaching.

Learn proven techniques to communicate even more effectively, particularly during difficult, emotional and challenging conversations.

The course is delivered over 5 online modules, through
pre-recorded audio content and downloadable learning resources available to complete at your own pace. With
the support of real-life, proven insights and easy to apply guidance, you’ll learn how to communicate far more effectively, particularly during challenging times of
conflict, crisis and change.

Introductory Course Fee: £297
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Individual Online Course

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access your training?
Once you have booked your group training session, we will email you a link with instructions on how to log in to the event and we'll also send you a reminder 24hrs before your session begins.

Individual e-learning courses are booked and paid for online with immediate access granted to the course content. A secure login is provided to our e-learning platform enabling you to complete the course and access resources at your own pace.
Are the online sessions recorded?
For privacy and confidentiality reasons, none of our online training sessions are recorded.
Do you deliver face-to-face training?
All our group products are able to be delivered online and subject to any travel restrictions, we are able to offer personal attendance training on request.
How do I pay?
For pre-booked group sessions, we will send you a booking invoice and an invoice to pay via BACs. All group sessions must be paid for at least 48 hours in advance.

For our individual e-learning courses, payment is made online at the time of registration through our secure payment provider Stripe.
Are the prices and timings of your online sessions fixed?
We have scalable costs depending on the product, the number of attendees and repeat requests.  The duration of our products are set, to ensure adequate time for the material to be presented and considerations for delegate attention spans.
Are your online sessions accredited?
We will issue all delegates an attendance certificate but our courses are not accredited. 

Course delivery

All our courses can be delivered in person or online via an appropriate platform. Whichever method you prefer, both guarantee an immersive and interactive learning experience. All our courses can be tailored to cater specifically to your unique needs and aspirations.

Whether you seek to fine-tune particular skill sets, enhance team dynamics, or cultivate industry-specific expertise, please email us and one of our team will get in touch to see how we can help.