Awareness and Resilience

This training is intended to help our clients assess, prepare, and mitigate for the risk of being a victim of crime.  We will advise on how to prepare psychologically for exposure to hostile environments and how to survive a traumatic event and its aftermath. The course is suited for anyone where violent crime or stressful environments presents a credible risk.    

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Course Contents


The instructors will discuss with you best practice in personal safety and explain effective anti-surveillance techniques that you can use on foot or in vehicles.


Recognising the importance of intuition and how it manifests can help you prevent becoming a victim.  Simple mental exercises will be shown to explain how instinct works and the benefits of trusting them.

Effects of emotional trauma

Should you become a victim of a violent crime being able to recognise the effects on your mental health will ensure you are better able to deal with the aftermath.  The instructors will list what symptoms to look out for and how to deal with them.

How criminals select victims and actions at the point of attack

Knowing how criminals prepare for attacks and how you act at the point of a violent crime can affect the outcome and increase your safety.  The instructors will demonstrate communication skills that may diffuse and calm perpetrators emotions and share the mistakes that exacerbate the situation.

Victim mindset

How trauma impacts on the mind/body will be explained and various coping skills and strategies will be discussed.

Post event

Psychological reactions and post-traumatic stress effects will be explained.

Active Shooter

How to act during an active shooter scenario can save your life. The instructor will detail this advice and explain law enforcement tactics and their rationale.

Who is this course for?

This course is of benefit to anyone wanting to build their personal confidence, awareness or resilience; whether at work, home or in public spaces that may feel intimidating for any reason.

Specifically designed for those that either travel to unfamiliar, challenging or non-traditional environments or just want to better understand the best practice principles of personal safety whilst on the move; the course raises levels of personal and situational awareness, thereby reducing risk.

Businesses bearing a Duty of Care to employees will better fulfil that duty, thereby protecting its people, brand and reputation.

Key benefits

Delegates will be better equipped:

To feel more confident regarding their personal safety
To take measures to prevent becoming a victim of violent or acquisitive crime
To deal more effectively with the after-effects should they fall victim to such an event
To adapt and operate in physically or culturally challenging environments
To be more effective under stress

Course delivery

This course is two hours in duration and is delivered online via an appropriate platform. There is full interaction between tutors and delegates. There is no limit to the number of attendees on line.

“Chris and Martin deliver their material with total professionalism backed by years of practical experience which just cannot be matched.
Thank you.”

Senior Global Consultant, 2020

"...the most robust course I have ever undertaken. It involved in depth distance learning, experiential learning, scenario-based learning...The instruction given by Martin and his colleague was exceptional."

Director, Angela Wilson Consultancy Ltd

“I have just come off a hostage negotiation scenario...Absolutely brilliant stuff that challenges you and really makes you think on your feet...First class skills that are transferable to business and personal relationships”.

Marketing Leader 2020