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We use our hostage and crisis negotiation skills to help people improve their communication, avoid and resolve conflict and have better conversations. We have proven that these skills can enhance business and private relationships.  

Our unique training products range from dealing with families in a crisis to helping people deal with everyday difficult conversations, interviews and business transactions.
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About Us

We have successfully trained governments,
NGO’s and corporate businesses, enhancing
their decision-making and persuasion skills and increasing the empathy and cultural awareness
of their employees. 

Mental wellbeing is crucial to effective work performance and maintaining equilibrium
during the challenges of day to day life.

Our team combine mental health training with years of experience on dealing with people in immediate crisis. We help employees and private individuals identify and deal effectively with mental health concerns.

Online Training Courses

“Chris and Martin deliver their material with total professionalism backed by years of practical experience which just cannot be matched.
Thank you.”

Senior Global Consultant, 2020

"...the most robust course I have ever undertaken. It involved in depth distance learning, experiential learning, scenario-based learning...The instruction given by Martin and his colleague was exceptional."

Director, Angela Wilson Consultancy Ltd

“I have just come off a hostage negotiation scenario...Absolutely brilliant stuff that challenges you and really makes you think on your feet...First class skills that are transferable to business and personal relationships”.

Marketing Leader 2020