Chris White

Chris is a globally experienced former UK Government Hostage Negotiator, Trainer & Crisis Manager who has lived or operated in the UK, US, Jamaica, Nigeria, Kenya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Israel, Gaza, Canada, Europe, South Africa and others.

Chris White Hostage Negotiator
Career and Background

Chris has worked with, and trained; governments, private organisations, individuals and NGO’s, including FTSE 100’s, NATO, the U.N. and other international agencies in effective communication and negotiation. He is one of the few UK Graduates of the FBI National Academy, Quantico.

He built his corporate experience as Head of Global Operational Security & Intelligence for FTSE 100 companies in the UK and overseas, as well as running internal leadership workshops on deep listening, influencing and applying the crucial communication lessons of crisis negotiation in the workplace.

Chris is a Director of Negotiation Global Ltd and works with individuals, groups and organisations to increase the effectiveness of communication, decision making, listening and leadership in business, the public sector and private life.

Key Qualifications
Lead Trainer on the UK National Hostage Negotiation Course, New Scotland Yard
Graduated from the FBI Crisis Intervention Course at Quantico, Virginia
Graduate of the FBI National Academy, Quantico, Virginia
Cert. Criminal Justice Education, University of Virginia, USA
Cert. Counter Terrorism Studies, St Andrew’s University
Member of the International Security Managers Association (ISMA) Executive Leadership Programme

"Chris is the real deal. His early career was with the police in the UK and his experience includes work for Scotland Yard and in the Middle East.
His tools are his ears and his words – that is all.

CEO, 2018

"Chris’s insight and experience were invaluable for our development and relationships with clients. He really brought to life the importance of listening and empathising in order to have better conversations -not just at work but in all aspects of life"

Global Head of Risk Advisory 2019

"First class skills that I believe are transferable to business and personal relationships. You seriously can learn life changing knowledge here. Highly recommended!”.

Marketing Leader 2020