Leading Through a Crisis

A half day interactive scenario-led session to prepare those responsible for leading the response to a crisis incident, where there is a serious risk to people, assets, information and reputation.

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Course Contents


Crisis incidents may involve more time critical decision making and are demanding and complex scenarios. This workshop will give delegates a basic understanding of the issues they are likely to face, the decision-making structure required and the procedures to be followed.

This half day session is scenario-led and will be interactive, combining formal presentations, audio-visual feeds with live role plays and underpinned by our team’s exceptional insight and understanding of supporting those leading such crises. This will enable you to practice lessons learned and gain an understanding of these complicated incidents that have a significant business impact.

The scenario will incorporate the following topic areas that will require addressing:


Prevention is always better than the cure.  Staff and building minimum security arrangements, policies and procedures will be examined.

Social Engineering

Recognising the risks and the tactics social engineers use and educating staff to identify and report suspicious behaviour can help to reduce its prevalence. The insider threat is also a risk and must be considered.

Workplace Violence

Identifying the levels, triggers and making an early intervention are key to prevent escalation and maintain a healthy and safe environment.

Perpetrators attack cycles

Being able to recognise the phases of a planned crime and having a proper reporting process can help identify and deter criminals from committing their final act.

Crisis communications

Effective liaison with law enforcement, media and other stakeholders is key to protect a company’s reputation and control the narrative. It is important to understand how conflicting strategies may necessitate alternative actions.


In any crisis where a staff member is involved, managing their next of kin is a crucial role. Prompt, honest and consistent messaging are the cornerstones of effective family management. Lose a family’s trust at your peril.

Roles and Responsibilities

Knowing your role, what decisions you are accountable for, and being able to justify the decisions you make, are the basics of any effective crisis management.

Advice to Staff

Staff caught up in a serious crisis event may experience emotional trauma. During and after any such event there may be a need to give critical advice. Knowing what to say and when to say it is part of your duty of care responsibilities to keep people safe.

Active shooter / siege management

In the unlikely event your staff are caught up in such an incident, either inside or outside of the workplace, knowing how to respond saves lives. Crisis leaders must understand and comply with their duty of care responsibilities and ensure the appropriate planning, preparation and prevention advice are known by all staff.

Who is this course for?

Designed for those strategic leaders that have the responsibility for crisis management during a corporate led event.

Primarily for crisis management team members and others that might perform this role.

Key benefits

Delegates will be better equipped:

To help lead their company through a fast-moving crisis incident
To recognise how the competing strategies of stakeholders can affect decision making
To identify  any gaps in their own corporate structure with regards to the prevention, identification, escalation and plans for managing the risks of life threatening incidents
To inform their company learning and continuous improvement in security risk management

Course delivery

This course is four hours in duration and is delivered online via an appropriate platform. There is no limit to the number of attendees. There is no limit to the number of attendees online.

“Chris and Martin deliver their material with total professionalism backed by years of practical experience which just cannot be matched.
Thank you.”

Senior Global Consultant, 2020

"...the most robust course I have ever undertaken. It involved in depth distance learning, experiential learning, scenario-based learning...The instruction given by Martin and his colleague was exceptional."

Director, Angela Wilson Consultancy Ltd

“I have just come off a hostage negotiation scenario...Absolutely brilliant stuff that challenges you and really makes you think on your feet...First class skills that are transferable to business and personal relationships”.

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